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I directed and wrote the films below. I am a trained filmmaker with experience using the Adobe Creative Suite. 

password: fsufilm

A film crew documenting initiation night at Alpha Beta fraternity discover that one of the pledges, Kyle, is keeping a supernatural secret. He smells like dog, howls at the moon and has inhuman beer pong abilities. In order to impress Alpha Beta’s fearless and unflinching leader, Kyle must keep his werewolf identity a secret. Will the brothers of Alpha Beta become Kyle’s new pack?

Howl still2.jpg

An Instagram webseries created for Adolescent Content, “Suburbia” follows the short life of Madison Jones, a seventeen year old teenage girl living in a small town. Her life is fairly normal apart from one huge secret: she’s gay. Fearing that her overly religious mother will learn her secret, Madison begins dating a close-minded boy named Jake.  When somebody walks in on Madison and another girl kissing at a party – Madison ends up dead. But who killed her?


The Percy Jackson webseries was directed, produced and edited by Sierra and a group of high schoolers. Originally planned as a short film, the first episode was so successful that they decided to create a ten episode series featuring scenes from Rick Riordan’s popular book series. The webshow was recognized by Riordan and Disney Publishing and has reached over a million combined views.

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